10 Coworking Trends to Watch for

Our work is changing and so is the way we work. The offices have evolved with the times. Baby Boomers and Generation X worked in cubicles and later paved the way for Open office systems. Millennials enjoyed the social offices and now are getting drawn towards Coworking spaces. The shared office will be a norm for Generation Z and will transform the future of office spaces. Coworking Communities are the big disruptors for this decade.

Let’s take a look at the 10 coworking trends which will define the future workspace:

Sustainability is the key

Green initiatives will be in focus in terms of business, work and building management. More companies will prefer renewable energy, recyclable materials, and environment-friendly products. Look out for more corporate interiors with indoor gardens and green-certified furniture in the coworking spaces.

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

The wellness trend is in full bloom in the current corporate culture. Work areas will incorporate Sit-to-stand desks, nap pods, and ergonomic designs. Swimming pools, yoga/meditation classes, gym and healthier food options in the cafeteria will promote wellbeing at the workplace.

Big firms will choose coworking spaces

Larger companies will have teams in coworking spaces to make sure they are in an environment that encourages innovation, and more corporates will choose coworking to keep an eye for industry disruption, collaboration opportunities, and talent acquisition.

Niche spaces for industry-specific audience 

With so many operators coming into the market, differentiation between companies will be an issue. Hence, niche concepts will evolve to cater to a specific audience. Spaces targeted to fin-tech, creative professionals or writers will have the leverage of appealing to like-minded people. There have been examples of women-only spaces operating across the globe.

Multiple locations across the country

People may tend to choose a space that has more than one location in the city since they can work wherever they want to. Frequent business travelers tend to opt for spaces that are operating in multiple cities. Operators will create packages based on the number of hours and not per seat and will be valid across all locations.

Minimalist Workspaces

The first thing you notice about a coworking space is its décor. It is minimal, compact and containing things that are absolutely necessary. The decor and furniture will please the aesthetics of the viewers and ensure better productivity of the employees providing them an ideal working environment. 

Integration of Technology and Automation

A major chunk of the spaces is booked by  Tech start-ups. So, Coworking spaces will become tech-savvy as well. Booking a seat or a conference room, generating an invoice, paying for services or maintenance bills, tracking attendance – all operational aspects will see automation.

Designed for collaboration and productivity

Spaces designed to build communities will get the spotlight. Social workplaces will facilitate collaboration and productivity. Traditional offices will pave the way for agile and flexible spaces which can transform based on the requirement of the activities. Meeting rooms, Collab spaces, and Focus areas will be individualistic spaces for specific tasks and teams.

Real estate companies will venture into the market

Large real estate payers will start their own coworking spaces. They will continue to build coworking hubs in commercial spaces or partner with flexible workspace operators to share a portion of the ongoing profits. Hana is a new coworking USA brand launched in 2019 by CBRE.

Premium spaces will create a mark

All coworking spaces more or less have one aspect in common; offer low-cost spaces for small/medium firms and individuals. But, a premium segment of spaces will also come into the picture. Modern interiors, trendy furniture, and state-of-the-art facilities will attract a different segment of tenants, who are looking for the best in the market spaces.

The coming year is bringing coworking space operators a lot of new challenges, yet, they reveal more opportunities for growth and maturity. Coworking is the Future of Workspaces.

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