What happens

when the workplace

isn't working?

An office is rather like a city. If it's designed, built or equipped haphazardly, with poor layout, amenities and infrastructure, then the problems start to pile up. And if it fails to evolve to meet modern needs, then it can be doomed to stagnation.

Those working there can become unhealthy, unhappy, and unproductive. People often leave, and it becomes hard to recruit their replacements.

In particular, we've identified six key pain points in today's office environments

Discover the office of tomorrow
Discover 15 ways to create the office of tomorrow
How can you ensure that your workplace is a comfortable, attractive, and productive place to be? Here are the key areas to focus on:
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Think green
ensure that whatever you choose is sustainable – as well as being good for the planet, it's healthy for the work environment too.
Quietly does it
use acoustic office furniture, soundproof panels, and thoughtful furniture placement to reduce noise, interruptions, and distractions.
Home comforts
create a more relaxing and welcoming environment by bringing aspects of the home to the office. For example, a well-equipped kitchen, soft furnishing breakout areas, and maybe even a games room.
opt for furniture with built-in antimicrobial protection to help protect employees’ health and reduce days off due to sickness.
Flexible furniture
promote teamwork and closer collaboration with modular, movable, and stackable furniture.
Fit to work
set up a dedicated fitness room or area to make it easy to stay fit and healthy at work – and as a valuable alternative to expensive gym membership.
Outside in
bring elements of the outdoors inside with big windows and natural materials such as wood-based furniture. Include plants and other natural features, plus green and other nature-inspired color shades.
Tech tonics
adopting the latest computer and workplace technology makes good business sense, with faster, more secure and flexible working, along with happier, more productive employees.
Think big
generate better ideas with brainstorming areas and creative spaces that promote freer thinking, with room to display and discuss ideas.
choose thoughtfully designed furniture such as sit-stand workstations plus fully adjustable chairs, as well as tables and computer accessories, and watch productivity improve.
develop immersive spaces for employees, with some individualism to layouts, allowing them to maintain a degree of privacy and individualism.
include multifunctional storage solutions to reduce clutter, while allowing for personalization and flexibility.
Divide and win
think outside the box – and cubicle – by using movable partitions to encourage collaboration, free-up space, and accommodate changing teams and workforces.
Work anywhere
make it easy to hot desk, with everything employees need to hand, along with storage solutions, touchdown spaces and complementary collaborative spaces.
careful spatial analysis can ensure every area of an office will be used to its full potential.
of employees

With issues like those outlined above, it's not surprising that having the right furniture and office design has become a powerful tool for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Furthermore, a 2019 Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report* found that an overwhelming majority (87%) of employees wanted their employer to provide a healthier workspace, with wellness rooms, sit-stands, and ergonomic seating.

Sunon has been helping to create the perfect office environment since 1991. Today, we provide advanced business furniture solutions in over 100 countries.

How we can help you create the office of tomorrow
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