What your Office Design says about your Company

Ideas and Tips Jul 30 2021

First impressions of an office space matter. Does your office design reflect your company’s values or what it stands for; does it support the activities that need to be carried out and does it encourage staff health and well-being? Seeing your offices will make a significant difference in the way the clients and visitors perceive you. All companies need to create a physical infrastructure that supports and reflects the objectives of their brand.


Anyone who walks into any office will gain an immediate understanding of how that business is doing. A cold and uninviting office will project the image of a business difficult to relate to. A comfortable, welcoming office says ‘successful’ and leaves a positive impression on prospective clients and new talents! Also, the office space and how it is designed can have the power to shape staff behavior as well as their performance and efficiency.



Key points which are big no-no’s

A space that is badly designed can damage the brand. We may not pay attention but little things matter too. Here are the top things which are to be avoided in the office space:

·         Cluttered workspace with messy cables and no proper storage facility

·         No natural light or dull overhead lighting

·         Unwelcoming reception area

·         Low-quality furniture and outdated décor

·         Lack of room temperature control

·         No greenery

·         Extreme noise levels


A poorly planned and disorganized office shows that:

·         The company does not care about presentation and attention to detail

·         It is not a productive place of work

·         The company does not care about employees’ needs

·         If the office is messy, then their work culture must be questionable.  


Creating spaces with purpose and functionality

Your next step should be to look at your overall workspace and to define your requirements/needs. Every space should have a purpose and it is that purpose that is most important to communicate to those entering for the first time.


Welcoming Visitors

The reception, meeting rooms, and waiting areas have to reflect the philosophy and work ethics of the organization in terms of design, furniture, branding, and colors. The first impression of the entrance makes a big difference to the clients. Anybody who comes to the office must feel welcome.


Modular furniture 

Modular furniture is best suited for modern and forward-looking organizations. It also saves a lot of space and gives a very aesthetic look. It can be customized to meet the space, storage, and color scheme requirements of the organization. Agile furniture also supports flexibility and the opportunity to change a layout if your needs change.


Break-out spaces

Break-out areas have been shown to be popular across many industries. These are hang-out zones that can be more informal and specifically created for the employees. There are areas where staff can go to relax and recharge. These spaces are now widely recognized as being vital for the health and well-being of employees.


Use of color

We all know colors can affect our moods. Use color to segregate areas or work zones in the office.  You can also use colors for stimulating or calming effects, depending on the type of work that is being carried out. In terms of color schemes, furniture can be in neutral colors with one or two bright colors in the upholstery, curtains, soft boards, etc.


Bringing outside inside

Bring the outside into the office by incorporating nature. Large windows for natural light and plants can positively improve employee performance, increase happiness levels, and reduce stress. The use of plants is another way to introduce color and more importantly address the fundamental need people have for nature. 


The Takeaway


A place of work should have a strong identity. When the office design expresses the company’s philosophy, it can influence a powerful change. When designing your office, ensure that the corporate culture and brand resonate in all the spaces. Good office design will be able to communicate the positive purpose and energy of your business.