New Collection

This summer, Sunon brings three brand new products to refresh your workplace.
Discover how flexible furniture solutions and inviting design will help you create an
emotional connection with young talents.


D Series, an inspiring workstation solution, creates a dynamic, flexible, and pleasant workspace.
It enables a seamless transition among work, negotiation, training, and socializing. You can choose workspace
arrangements and additional amenities according to your preferences.


An assembly featuring a range of sofas
with modern design imprints.

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Beautiful Imaginary of the Sea

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A lounge sofa of modern technology and
creative design.

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Natural Joy

Natural Joy constructs a coordinated office ecosystem, in which every
sub-system is a specific solution to your particular need.

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Dolphin redefines what an affordable work chair can be and provides a perfect match
for companies that value performance, elegance, and cost efficiency.

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