Natural Joy

Releasing Work Productivity

Building a Coordinated
Office Ecosystem

Natural Joy constructs a coordinated working ecosystem, in which every sub-system is a specific solution to a particular need.

Creating an Efficient
and Flexible Workplace

Natural Joy offers the possibility of accommodating space changes. Its staff workstation adopts an extensible design, allowing the main desk to be expanded whenever needed. Such flexibility also ensures the most efficient use of a workspace.

Designing User Friendly
Augmented Work Environments

  • The press-up socket brings a brand-new charging experience.

  • Removable desk screens can be lifted and transformed into side panels easily.

  • A wide range of hangers is available, offering a place for small items, which can be hanged anywhere you like.

Concentration Mode

  • Standard Desk Workstation A

  • Standard Desk Workstation B

  • High Desk Workstation

  • Executive Workstation

Collaboration Mode

  • Standard Desk + Collaboration Workstation

  • High Desk + Lounge Workstation

  • Standard Desk + High Desk Workstation

  • Executive + Staff Workstation


  • Main Color


  • S-77

  • S-43

  • S-57

  • Auxiliary Color


  • S-78

  • Cabinet Top Board


  • S-57

    DQ22 Mountable Screens

  • Ginger

  • Morandi Green

  • Warm White

  • Greyish White

  • Greyish White

  • Greyish White

  • DQ33 Mountable Screens

  • Main Color


  • Auxiliary Color


  • Mustard

  • Brick Red

  • Natural Joy_Brochure PDF(36.4MB)
  • Natural Joy_Specifications PDF(193KB)