Alien Mesh Flexible Desk Chair

Inspired by the movie Alien, this chair has been constructed with a science-fiction-like vibe and endowed with an out-of-this-world aura. Just as you can unveil the magic of learning once you step into a science and technology museum, so this unique Alien chair will take you on a trip to the office of the future once you sit on it.

Exotic appeal
With its smooth lines and futuristic ambience, the back frame of Alien resembles a visitor from outer space, bringing an element of mystery to your office. The sandblasted PA fibreglass and flowing lines make this chair distinctly lustrous in sunlight.
First-class material
Alien features Korean Wintex elastic mesh, with 0.5 mm air vents that ensure quick emission of heat and moisture, keeping your body fresh and clean. Fabrics of different densities are designed for providing overall support to your thighs, hips, bottom, waist and back.
Flexible adjustment
You can personalise your Alien chair for maximum comfort by adjusting armrest height, back tilt and seat height.
Colors and Materials
  • Backrest / Seat
CW-AN10H Black
CW-AN21H Grey
CW-AN29H Beige
CW-AN30H Red
CW-AN40H Orange
CW-AN50H Yellow
CW-AN60H Green
CW-AN70H Cyan
CW-AN80H Blue