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Natural Joy

There are various kinds of work needs in an enterprise, and when workplace furniture is limited to only one combination it can no longer meet diverse requirements. Natural Joy creates a coordinated working ecosystem in which every sub-system is a specific solution to a particularneed.

Open and Developing System Combined Workstation of the Same Height
The staff workstation of Natural Joy offers five different configurations and multiple models, satisfying different needs and aesthetic preferences, and creating a cohesive and inspiring office system.
Co-Working Team System Combination of Executive and Staff Workstations
With the combination of an executive desk and staff desk, Natural Joy offers a co-working system.
Working communication system – combined workstations of different heights
Through a combination of desks with different heights, Natural Joy here offers a better solution for more efficient office communication.
Idea-Exchanging System Combination of Negotiation Desk with Staff Workstation
Staff Workstation can be used in combination with a negotiation desk. When a team requires face-to-face communication, they no longer have to spend time reserving a meeting room beforehand.
Diversified Neighboring System Combination of Desk and Sofa
Natural Joy can be used in combination with different types of leisure sofas to build a diversified community.
Colors and Materials
  • Product material
S-43 Cass Walnut
S-56 Castin Oak
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