To integrate premium resources around the globe, Sunon continuously upgrades its global supplier system, ensures an abundant supply of material, and provides trustworthy service and products for global customers.

Panel Furniture Production

Sunon introduced advanced automatic production lines from Germany and Italy to achieve digitalized production. The whole process is precisely controlled by the German HOMAG automatic sawing machine and HOMAG CNC machining center, achieving a processing accuracy of ±0.1mm.

Also, the German laser edge banding technique was adopted to improve efficiency, cleaner aesthetics, and reduce pollution.

Steel Furniture Production

"Intelligent control + resilient production" brings steel products that can fit into all kinds of spaces. Salvanini machine imported from Italy makes bending part not only stable but also pleasing to the eye.

As for painting, we introduced German Wagner painting robot to ensure better quality and lower energy consumption. 

Chair Production

Sunon has strict control over the whole process of chair production, and our products are BIFMA/GREENGUARD-certified.

Automatic sawing and cutting equipment greatly lift efficiency and accuracy. There are also automatic drilling and riveting workstations, where the robot replaces the human in the drilling of the seat panel to ensure that the drilling positions, sizes, and angles are as precise as possible.

Sofa Production

Sunon chooses JIT (Just-in-time) production mode to improve the overall management. Bright and spacious workshops provide a healthy, comfortable, and safe working environment for workers.

The interior frames of each type of sofa were first crafted by experienced carpenters with reference to process drawings. And Durkopp stitching technique brings neat and well-distributed stitches.