7 Ways Workspaces can Energize People and Support Well-being

Wellbeing Mar 17 2023

Establishing a positive work environment boosts productivity and success. Planning and arranging your workspace with the intention of fostering positivity can help you create a happier and more productive atmosphere. Your staff will be dedicated to fostering a happy atmosphere at work if you are.

Energizing your team is essential for productivity, happiness, and engagement. Positive effects are produced in the workplace when positive energy is introduced. It involves creating an environment that supports and engages people throughout the day, allows them to be at their best, gives them choice and control, and demonstrates that it cares about their overall well-being and mental and physical health. This sets the best conditions for productive and fulfilling work.

Let's examine a few potential solutions so that you can take advantage of the uplifting energy at work.

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1. Balancing calm and energy

The correct space mix will significantly improve the workplace's energy. We should balance privacy with cooperation in our designs. We require both private locations for concentration and reflection as well as communal spaces that encourage the sharing of ideas. According to studies, people are more likely to participate and stay in places that promote their mental and physical well-being. Employees will feel healthier and happier when they leave their offices at the end of the day if we can design to encourage that.

2. Adding inspirational décor

Different kinds of inspirational workplace decor inspire you to work more intently. Consider adding some colourful works of attractive art to your social spaces to create a pleasant energy flow. Better lighting and aesthetics are accounted for in such workplace design, providing employees with a setting that feels like home.

3. Good workspace ergonomics

Workspace ergonomics is a must for elevating your mood and fostering a happy atmosphere at work. Office furniture that is ergonomically designed is quite pleasant and also promotes good health. You would be sure that your workplace will be less stressful and more relaxing as a result. You'll have a pleasant energy flow at work as a consequence, and your team performance will improve. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, height-adjustable tables, etc. can help create an ergonomic space.

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4. Design for movement

The effects of design may quietly encourage activity that might support a sociable and healthy workplace. The location of the café, meeting space, conference space, restrooms, and other amenities might affect how many trips people take each day and, consequently, how healthy they are. We want each of our workers to actively contribute to the workplaces they work in.

5. Think color psychology

With the right colour psychology techniques, you can improve the moods of people in a certain given space. While arranging your workspace, keep in mind the best colours for productivity. Choose an office chair with a colour that complements your desk's colours and the colours on the walls to give the impression of a bright, expansive workspace. When you do that, you'll feel more engaged and effective at work.

6. Comfort is the key

When individuals are at ease in their surroundings, they are unavoidably stress-free, rested, and prepared to work. They will be better poised for a more enjoyable workplace if they feel physically at ease and comfortable. Employees will be able to establish goals, concentrate on their task, and produce more if comfort is included into the workplace and distractions that cause overload or stress are minimized.

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7. Include biophilic design elements

According to the biophilia concept, humans have an inherent liking for the world around them. Research shows that biophilia may affect people's moods, relieve stress, and improve comfort levels even in work environments. The options are numerous, from using natural materials for interior finishes to allowing for vistas of nature, building living green walls, including natural analogues for nature, and more.