Workplaces of Tomorrow: 2023 Projects That We Love

Workplace Dec 22 2023

In contemporary workspace evolution, the year 2023 has emerged as a pivotal chapter, marked by innovation, creativity, and our profound commitment to redefining the very essence of office environments. This article is a celebration of our most loved office projects of 2023, where form meets function, and where cutting-edge design harmoniously blends with practicality to create workspaces that inspire productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being.


This curated compilation delves into the heart of the most outstanding office designs, that have seamlessly blended aesthetics with functionality. Each featured project encapsulates a unique narrative, reflecting the diverse goals and identities of the organizations they represent. The common thread among these projects is a commitment to excellence in design, ergonomics, and sustainability. These exceptional spaces not only serve as a testament to the evolution of workplace aesthetics but also stand as beacons of inspiration for businesses striving to create environments that empower their teams and elevate the overall work experience.


Discover Sunon’s best of 2023, where innovation and imagination converge to shape the workplaces of tomorrow.


Overseas Chinese Town Group


Location: Shenzhen, China

A renowned professional real estate developer, Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT), built a new office in the OCT Tower. For OCT, the Sunon team has taken use of the harmonic interaction between furniture and architecture to create a distinctive, visually pleasant, and laid-back workplace space.

In addition to being utilitarian, office furniture also meets emotional demands. It may communicate personality, spatial atmosphere, and human relationships with material and color choices. We used a variety of materials and a design language with curves that provide distinct effects and changes from different perspectives to lessen visual fatigue. The soft and delicate leather and modern metallic elements contribute to an atmosphere that exudes relaxation and composure.

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Oilmax Energy


Sunon Channel Partner: Avance Exim

Location: Mumbai, India

The new Oilmax office project is altering our perception of and experiences with the workplace. Their brand-new head office redefines what an office can be with its amazing lighting, large glass walls, creative decor, and high-end furniture. It was created with a careful eye for both aesthetics and usefulness.

Everyone is certain to discover their perfect workspace and social spot thanks to colorful lounge spaces and ergonomic seats. Excellent design and comfort work together to create a setting that promotes wellbeing and productivity. As a consequence, employees have a workspace that not only supports a wide variety of jobs but also improves their spirits while they are there.

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Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group


Location:  Zhejiang, China

Located in the center of the modern city is the new office. The brand aims to create an open and inclusive workspace that is favorable to work and life by expanding the urban landscape and adhering to an ecological and natural office idea.


The right amount of socialization and alone time is a dynamic equilibrium rather than a straightforward binary choice. The room is brought to life and the appropriate ambiance is created nowadays with the help of adaptable and moveable furniture. The furniture in public areas uses vivid green and red contrasts to show Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture's goodwill for its affiliates.

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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)


Sunon channel partner: Spica Modular India

Location: Hyderabad, India

Together with the state government, a state-of-the-art office-space of 15,000 square feet and 200 seats was constructed. People act and think differently in different settings which is why establishing a warm, airy space with a mixed arrangement and distinct areas designated for various activities was necessary.


Workstations with ergonomic seats are available for solitary work, while our D-series soft seating and Flower modular couch promote informal cooperation and collisions between coworkers. These features balance the "me" and "we" areas inside the workplace.

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Sunni Waqf Directorate HQ


Sunon Channel partner: Mega Projects KSA

Location: Manama, Bahrain

Designed by International Design Associates, this contemporary open-plan office promotes a sense of community and collaboration aligned with the client's vision of a "Shared community." After carefully considering the layout and functionality of the space, the designers have reimagined the space in a modern way with our workspace solutions that create a feeling of comfort and belonging for people.


To bring this concept to life, a variety of Sunon’s Furniture solutions have been incorporated into the design. The key elements of geometry and hexagon forms are utilized to create different patterns for the feature screens throughout the space. Various materials are utilized including colorful fabrics, laminated sheets, partition patterns, grey oak wood veneer, wall coverings, area rugs, and absorbent sound wall padding.

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