Blue Ocean Night: Safeguarding our Oceans with Actions

Events Jun 09 2023

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In order to restore the original ecological order and move towards a more sustainable future, this year's World Environment Day is themed "Beat Plastic Pollution" and urgently calls for reducing plastic usage to save the Earth.


Sunon has always adhered to the brand goal of crafting workspace design that harmoniously blends beauty, functionality, and sustainability and is taking action together with JOS Singapore to promote the idea of caring for the Earth.

Blue Ocean Night: Sharing our Green and Low-carbon Achievements

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Guest in the event

The Blue Ocean Night event was held at the JOS Discovery Center on the 2nd floor of 18 Robinson Building in Singapore, with the theme of "Ocean, Environment, and Home." We invite friends from various fields within and outside the industry to join us on-site and participate in the actions of protecting the ocean, environment, and sustainable development.

Distinguished guests from world-class design companies, real estate services companies, project management companies in Singapore, including CBRE, JLL, Cushman & Wakefield, Savills, and M Moser Associates were invited to attend.

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JOS Discovery Center

At the event, Sunon showcased its new product, H5 chair, as a highlighted representation of Sunon's low-carbon office concept, which will contribute to creating low-carbon offices. In addition, Sunon's collaboration with Wanhua Chemical on MDI formaldehyde-free veneer was also showcased as the latest achievement, gaining unanimous recognition from the guests for Sunon's consistent natural office concept.

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The Discovery Center is not only a physical space for showing office products but also a friendly communication platform, providing more opportunities for industry partners to exchange ideas and inspire creativity.

Human-Centered Design to Express our Advocacy for the Protection of the Oceans

The increasing amount of marine plastic waste has pushed numerous marine organisms to near extinction, causing severe harm to the water quality and irreparable damage to the marine ecosystem.

Sunon upholds the design concept of sustainability and environmental protection, injecting environmental factors into various types of products, to call upon people to cherish the Earth as our home and preserve species diversity.

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Samu side chair

Sunon incorporates natural elements into the design of its products, breaking away from the cold atmosphere of traditional office environments. Through biomimetic design, Sunon not only conveys  more humanity but also sends a message to people that "we have an obligation to preserve the diversity of marine species and protect endangered species."

Innovative Materials to Drive Recycling and Reuse

Only through recycling and reuse can plastic form a closed loop from birth to rebirth, reducing the harm of marine plastic.

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Sunon has been innovating in environmentally friendly material research. The new product developed in collaboration with Swiss B4K Design Studio, the H5 health chair, is made from environmentally friendly marine plastic. It can reduce nearly 15 tons of plastic waste entering the marine ecosystem annually. This innovative practice by Sunon in exploring environmentally friendly and renewable materials will undoubtedly promote the practical application of marine renewable materials.

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H5 Health Chair

Throughout the entire lifecycle of furniture, Sunon strictly adheres to environmental protection requirements, producing aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, green, and healthy products. This approach protects the ecological environment, and human health, and reduces resource waste and energy consumption.

From the research and development of green and healthy products to the creation of green and healthy spaces, Sunon is fully committed to green transformation and sustainable development, aiming to build a green and sustainable ecosystem.

Mr. Ogawa Joe, Chairman of JOS, stated that Sunon's commitment to health and environmental protection aligns closely with the principles of the J.O.E. Environmental Alliance. In the future, both parties will continue to make efforts in health and environmental protection, sustainable development, and the recycling and reuse of old furniture, making their due contributions to environmental conservation.

Sustainability Goal of JOS and Sunon:

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JOS and Sunon are both committed to creating a healthy, harmonious, and sustainable office environment, caring for the Earth and nature, and achieving harmony between humans and nature.

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