JOS & Sunon Annual Gala: A celebration of Teamwork & Sustainability

Events Nov 14 2023

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On the evening of another golden Friday, November 3, 2023, the JOS & Sunon Annual Gala Anniversary Celebration unfolded amid flowers with a sense of ceremony.

The JOS & Sunon Sustainable Development Experience Centre has truly become a shining spectacle in the Singapore. 365 days of passionate dedication, hard work, and with Samu the whale baby, we celebrated our first year together! At this moment, every member of the JOS & Sunon team embraced a joyful spirit, swaying the whale baby lanterns, savouring the rewards of hard work and dedication.

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The most special part of this celebration was the charity donation and auction of upcycled artworks of old furniture by JOS & Sunon for the Singapore SPD Association for Persons with Disabilities. The Singapore SPD Association for Persons with Disabilities was established in 1964. As a renowned charity organization in Singapore, it has received immense support from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and former President Halimah Yacob. Over the years, the J.O.E Environmental Alliance has consistently organized various charity events to raise funds for SPD. At this anniversary celebration, the J.O.E Environmental Alliance, in collaboration with JOS&Sunon, raised over $10,000 SGD through a recycling initiative.

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JOS & Sunon also presented a charity check to the Singapore SPD Association for Persons with Disabilities, which was applauded by everyone. We are honoured to be able to do our bit for the society and helping more individuals with disabilities.

A photograph of a spiralling staircase, forming the symbolic number 9, gracefully winding, emanating strong artistic influence and expression, was auctioned at the event. As the auctioneer vividly described the story and value of the auctioned artwork, the price soared, eventually reaching a whopping $9999 SGD and acquired by JOS&Sunon's CEO Mr. Ogawa Joe and the President of the Singapore Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Kowloon Club, Mr. Philip Chan.

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This night was destined to be filled with love and human warmth. The anniversary celebration reached its climax with the lively Latin beats and the exotic vocals of singer Martin Reyes as our guests danced and sang with abandon, sharing joy and happiness.

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