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Larry private office is a comprehensive solution for executive spaces. The combination of stone-grey leather and walnut exudes a calm and majestic aura. The commanding L-structure in itself seems to symbolise leadership, motivating its users to keep moving forward in their careers.

Advanced high-quality parts
The cabinet uses Blum hardware, allowing doors to be opened and closed smoothly. The desk is equipped with a fast and convenient wireless charging function. Slide the leather plate on the left to reveal other sockets hidden in the table, together with small storage and cable routing holes. Side cabinets can be installed with optional speakers, while a smart fingerprint lock is a standard feature of the side cabinet.
Large storage space
With well-designed side and back cabinets, there are several spaces with and without doors for personal storage. The half-open design strikes the right balance between the storage and display functions. A glass shelf board on the side cabinet offers a sweeping view of the inside. There are multiple sizes of shelf boards inside the wardrobe for clothes, bags and shoes. Wood and glass combine very well here, while the light-strip fitting makes the back cabinet more luxurious.
Clean lines and contrasting design
The L-shape and clean lines personify capability and experience in a leader. The table surface uses a large area of micro-fibre leather and mountain-grain walnut, with a high configuration stretching right to the edge. The 8 mm-wide edge also harmonises perfectly with the main body of the desk.
Colors and Materials
  • Product Material(Desk+File cabinet+Conference table+Negotiation table)
  • Product Material (Chair)
W-19B Technical Zebra
W-24B Walnut
Straight grain walnut