Office Furniture Solution for Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT)

Location: China Industry: Real Estate

Blending Architecture and Furniture to create a Comfortable and Relaxed Atmosphere

OCT Tower.jpg

Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT), a leading professional real estate developer, has its new office located in the OCT Tower. Upholding the philosophy of "going the extra mile," they have remained steadfast on the path of specialized real estate development.

Space design, serving as the link between architecture and people, plays a crucial role in shaping the ambiance and spirit of a place. However, office spaces also come with various functional requirements that cannot be overlooked. The Sunon team, well-versed in this aspect, has leveraged the harmonious interplay between furniture and architecture to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing and relaxed office environment for Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT).

Interior as an Extension of Architecture

OCT Tower 2.jpg

*  OCT Tower Exterior

Architects naturally have their perspectives on building exteriors and urban planning, just as interior designers have their unique expressions for interior spaces. Lu Hong, the project manager for China Overseas South Group's office project, states:

"An office space is a window to showcase a company's strength and brand image. Creating a balanced, refreshing, and convenient office environment allows employees to experience 'comfort and nature' even within the glass towers of concrete."


floor plan .jpg

*  OCT Tower Floor Plan

The irregular facade of the OCT Tower provides visual pleasure from the exterior, while its hexagonal diamond-cut structure allows natural light and landscapes to gracefully enter the interior, ushering in a new chapter for urban and business leisure living.

D series.jpg

*  Lounge Chair: D Series

Irregular spaces pose a challenge for interior design and furniture layout. The Sunon team adheres to the design principle that "interior is an extension of architecture", believing that both architectural and interior environments are designed to meet people's spatial requirements. This harmonious integration of furniture and architecture creates a naturally relaxed office environment.

Defining Diverse Spaces with Furniture

Office furniture is not just practical; it's also a vital tool for shaping spaces, closely intertwined with architecture. Different types of furniture, their shapes, sizes, and combinations, can directly influence the purpose and atmosphere of a space, defining its functionality.




Public spaces, like a stage, employ seats that meet the needs of various individuals while considering ergonomic functions, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for discussions in various settings.




Meeting tables and chairs with different shapes and sizes adapt to different meeting scenarios, expressing various discussion atmospheres, sometimes serious and pragmatic, and other times lively and intimate.




Staff Area

The open layout of the staff area includes a casual zone formed by coffee tables and lounge chairs, accommodating diverse work styles and behaviors. The flexible furniture layout provides employees with adaptable workspaces, accompanying them through the long journey ahead.

Expressing Space Emotions through Material and Color

Office furniture not only serves functional purposes but also caters to emotional needs. Through material and color choices, it can convey personality, space ambiance, and establish connections with people.


The OCT Tower primarily employs straight and sharp lines in its architecture, which can induce visual fatigue over time. To reduce visual fatigue, they utilize a diverse mix of materials and a design language with curves that present different effects and variations from various angles.



Executive Desk: Varna Series

In terms of color, they use dark tones as a base to highlight soft, understated, and high-quality textile textures. The soft and delicate leather, modern metallic elements, and the natural feel of marble contribute to an atmosphere that exudes relaxation and composure amidst the rich material layers.


Through architectural forms and diverse design expressions, Sunon seeks restraint and balance, interpreting the aesthetic of natural relaxation within the office environment.

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