What We Offer
  • Joint Effort and Ownership
    We believe that only when you are working for yourself will you be happy and proactive. This is why we have adopted Amoeba Management, a system of organizing employees into small groups, each with a defined purpose and its own profit center.
  • Diverse Training Programmes
    We provide comprehensive training classes for different types of staff. Our exclusive corporate university conducted activities to foster individual and organizational learning and knowledge.
  • A Mutually Supportive, Synergistic Environment
    We’re committed to providing an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and supported to thrive and perform to their highest abilities.
  • Employee Well-being
    We always look to improve the living quality of our staff, with many initiatives designed to promote well-being. That includes everything from organic vegetables cultivated in high-altitude areas for our staff to staff dormitories in the manufacturing bases. We also care deeply about our employees and their families, because family values are an important part of Sunon’s company culture. Since 2013, we have organized seven summer camps exclusively for our employees’ children and are happy to see they could have an amazing summertime together.