Destination Workplace: A Place where People want to be

Concept Jun 10 2022

The way we work has fundamentally altered, as has the function of the workplace. Getting workers to come into the office, even for a few days a week, may be difficult when work can be done from anywhere. Instead of being a location where employees must go, the workplace must now be a place where they want to be. Employees and employers are urged to collaborate more than ever before to create a workplace that meets everyone's requirements.  Enter the “destination workplace” – a place of work where people want to be.

Visionary companies are crushing the office game and forging a reputation as the destination workplace you'd love to work at by creating a space that is distinctive to their organisation. Many businesses are attempting to transform the workplace into a fascinating destination with a healthy, happy culture that fosters meaningful relationships among workers, teams, and leadership. The most successful firms will alter their workplace strategy to focus on building a destination workplace in order to retain and motivate talent.

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What is a Destination Workplace?

In this day and age, many employees find traditional workplaces to be unappealing. As a result, the urge to establish a destination arose. It's an enticing environment where people are ready to get to work. They're work environments that pay attention to your team's physical, cultural, and social demands in order to provide actual value to their lives while allowing them to produce their best work. It creates a comfortable working environment for employees by embracing the concept of a flexible and hybrid workplace.

This now includes designing workplaces that provide experiences that cannot be had at home, such as areas conducive to the invention, collaboration, socialisation, and events. The destination workplace is a work environment that offers a feeling of community, flexibility, and a source of income. The office effectively becomes a "destination workplace" that attracts workers back on a regular, intentional, and productive basis — not necessarily full-time.

So, how do we make the office into a destination workplace? Here are 5 ideas: 

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Create Engaging Experiences

Experience must be seen as non-negotiable in the workplace in order to engage talent. Furthermore, people's expectations for a richer experience at work are stronger than ever before. Additional places for free-address coworkers include a multifunctional reception, co-working, meeting, event, and food and beverage-focused atmosphere. People are seeking for conveniences or advantages that will make their commute to work a little bit more enjoyable. This generates a buzz around your company that may attract fresh talent, boost your brand, and persuade potential leavers to stay.

Communicating Purpose Through Design

Employees who find meaning in their work are more likely to stay with their employers. People are increasingly looking for meaning and connection in their job, and they want to live more integrated lives, therefore the workplace of the future must evolve. Every workspace will play a role in assisting individuals in finding meaning and developing relationships. Employees need emotional connection as well as visual indicators that their health and well-being have been considered. People can see and feel the purpose of the brightest and fittest future when they walk into the office.

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Inclusivity for Everyone

Every individual's demands must be satisfied for the staff to actually desire to return to a dedicated central office. No two employees are alike, yet our workplaces have historically failed to accommodate these variances, whether they are connected to geography, working style, cultural sensibility, disability, or gender. You give your employees more possibilities to pick work settings that meet their daily demands by establishing an office that people like to be in and that allows multiple forms of productivity.

Adding Resimercial Elements
When hybrid work is in place, it's critical that employees have the same degree of home comfort at the office. We'll want to see a few home comforts in the workplace in the shape of leisure zones, such as sofa furnishings for breakout spaces and entertainment zones where the team can recharge. A calm setting promotes mental health and well-being, which leads to increased productivity. In destination workplaces, this may look like a living room that has a cozy vibe. 

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Putting Nature and Sustainability First

As we want to reproduce the experiences we've had with nature, we believe there will be a resurgence in greenery in our offices. According to studies, 40% of millennials in the United States choose a career based on the company's sustainability goals. When it comes to humans and the environment, the earth must always come first. It's evident that, above all else, sustainability is a major concern in creating the future of workplace design.

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