Hygge: Bringing Coziness and Comfort into the Office

Concept Feb 11 2022

How does your office make people feel…anxious or happy? The days of fluorescent lighting, conventional desks, and the clinical appearance of walls are long gone. The pandemic and work-from-home have reinstated our desire for comfort and we don’t want to lose it after returning to the office. So, how can you keep your office feeling cozy, comfortable, and welcoming?

Enter Hygge, the new workplace buzzword, that has many people reconsidering how an office should be set up, what it should offer, and what employees are looking for.




What is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah or Hoo-ga) is a Danish living concept with a sense of comfort and wellness. This word is difficult to translate directly into English but loosely means ‘a feeling of coziness, a sense of warmth and comfort.’ Oxford English Dictionary defines Hygge to be a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

Embracing Hygge may help to relax, de-stress, and improve moods. Given that the Danes are said to be among the happiest people on the planet, incorporating Hygge into our daily lives, particularly at work, might benefit us all and even increase our productivity. Hygge may be simple to incorporate into your house, but how can you bring it into your office?


Hygge at work

Hygge is a wonderful approach for making people feel more at ease at work, which leads to increased productivity. Bringing a little Hygge into our workday may help us feel more satisfied and calm, which is important for our productivity and general happiness. This idea may be implemented in the workplace by modifying the layout, providing facilities, and revising regulations or allowances. Employees will be more relaxed and remain longer if these aspects are added to the workplace.

Few more benefits of Hygge at the workplace:

·  Enhances creativity

·  Allows for better focus

·  Less stress

·  Feeling of togetherness

·  Boosts employee satisfaction


6 Ways to bring Hygge into the office

Hygge aids in the creation of a cozy, comfortable, and warm environment. Here are some ideas for bringing Hygge into your office to help it not only look nice, but also feel better.


Softer lighting

Office lighting is one of the deciding factor between a comfortable environment and a stressful one. Lighting has a significant influence on our circadian cycle. Because hygge is all about comfort and ease, the perfect lighting for a workspace would be softer and warmer, causing no headaches or eye strain. It also boosts wellness and happiness while improving attention and work effectiveness. Additionally, seek for a location with plenty of natural light.


Natural elements

Natural surroundings have a relaxing influence on people. Stress, noise, and air toxins reduce in the presence of plants in the workplace. Consider incorporating wooden elements, earthy tones, and plants into your workplace decor. Succulents, driftwood, stones, and terrariums are all elements of biophilia. Water is another option to include natural element into your work environment. A water feature, whether it's a fountain, a rain show, or a tropical aquarium, adds a relaxing aspect to the environment.


Welcoming lobby

First impression matters. How do your office entryway and the lobby make people feel? Small improvements to the office's foyer or lobby may instantly make it more appealing and comfortable for visitors and employees. The use of neutral hues such as grey, white, and cream has a calming impact. Add small cushions in relaxing hues to chairs and couches to make your seating area more comfortable. Switch flashy artworks with aesthetic photographs or inspiring quotes.


Comforting breakrooms

Hygge is associated by the Danes with hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. It is defined by the mindful enjoyment of eating rituals, and so baked sweets are plentiful in most Danish offices. In the middle of a stressful day, coworkers may dine, speak, or take a break in a well-stocked pleasant café.  Food is the most natural way to bring people together. Consider including games to give a mental respite from work while also encouraging social interaction. Set up a library to encourage your employees to take a reading break.


Inviting activities

In the office, hygge extends to the way we interact as a group. Hygge is centred around activities that keep stress levels low and energy levels high. To get people moving, organise regular walks after lunch or in the afternoon. Other ideas include a group yoga session, a potluck lunch, or a get-together for some old-fashioned team building games. Provide perks to your staff to make them want to come to work.


Cozy workspaces

Creating workspaces that resemble a living room is an excellent way to embrace a hygge atmosphere at work. To take a break from the conventional desk-based allocated seating we've all been accustomed to, create pleasant spaces with sofas, lots of cushions, and diffused lighting. Comfortable chairs, rugs, and maybe a bookcase can also be included. Encourage your staff to add personal accessories or memorabilia to their workstations, to make them feel more like home.


The Takeaway

Incorporating hygge into the work life may give your workplace a unique feel. Consider your company culture as well as the personalities of your staff before implementing. Employees may feel more calm at work if their workplace is created with wellbeing in mind. When we look at it through the lens of hygge, we can see why it can play a big role in the workplace.


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