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Mall includes a series of modular-design melamine products which can meet the all-round workspace demands. Different modules bring convenience for inventory stock and delivery. They can be combined into different shapes to offer multiple work models. With various desks and cabinets, you could always find the items you favor, just like shopping in a Mall.

Modular Design
Mall has 5 categories of products, altogether 109 modules and accessories to adapt to reception space, executive space, staff space, negotiation space, and meeting space. You can select and get your favorite workstation from different modules of desks, cabinets, and under-structures as you wish.
Diversified Choices
Choose your favorite items from a sequence of configurations to build your own office. Multiple recyclable components and accessories help create a much more convenient, practical, and joyful workspace.
One-Stop Space Solution
Abundant combination modes can satisfy the diversified needs of the workspace. Mall offers a one-stop solution no matter what the size of your space is. Different size products are available to fit your workspace and manifest your company identity.
Colors and Materials
Product Model
High Table with Storage
D: 900mm (35 3/8")
W: 1200mm (47 1/4")
H: 1200mm (47 1/4")
4 Pack Workstation(Side Lower Storage)
D: 1500mm (59")
W: 1600mm (63")
H: 750mm (29 1/2")
2 Pack Workstation(Side High Storage)
D: 700mm (27 1/2")
W: 1900mm (74 3/4")
H: 1200mm (47 1/4")
2 Pack Workstation(Hutch)
D: 2050mm (80 3/4")
W: 1500mm (59")
H: 1650mm (65")
D: 1800mm (70 7/8")
W: 2700mm (106 1/4")
H: 1950mm (76 3/4")
Private Office(Y Type)
D: 2500mm (98 3/8")
W: 2400mm (94 1/2")
H: 750mm (29 1/2")
Private Office(L Type)
D: 2075mm (81 3/4")
W: 3300mm (129 7/8")
H: 750mm (29 1/2")
Private Office
D: 2075mm (81 3/4")
W: 1800mm (70 7/8")
H: 750mm (29 1/2")
  • Felt-upholstered door color
  • Cushion Fabric Color Options
  • Match Color Options
  • Handle
  • Steel Leg
  • Other Color Options
  • Regular Color Options
P-YM04 Windsor Blue