Vera aims at providing a simple and compatible space management solution to today’s workspaces. With flexible combinations, Vera helps to strike a balance between the private and the public, thus fostering benign interaction between employees and supervisors.

Refreshing outlook
The frame of Vera is made of aluminium alloy, which looks both simple and fashionable. Curved-edge design adds elegance and exquisiteness while ensuring safety at the same time. Partition screens in various colours bring a slew of vibrancy to the office and accommodate spaces of different styles.
Management function
Vera helps to divide the space and manage the wiring system effectively. The screen is available in three types of thickness: 28mm, 42mm and 66mm. They can be combined or used independently in a flexible way, with particular benefits for each: 28mm: space dividing 42mm: cost-effective 66mm: stable
Multiple combinations
Screens, desktops, and legs are available in different configurations. You can make flexible combinations to get a linear shape, an L shape, 120° shape workstations and so on. Height ranges from 950mm to 1,750mm, and width from 500mm to 1,800mm. We also have other accessories like folding beds and hollow-out screens to bring more convenience to your work and to help you to customise your office.
Colors and Materials
Product Model
D: 1683mm(66 1/4")
W: 4276mm(168 1/2")
H: 1170mm(46")
D: 3066mm(120 3/4")
W: 3056mm(120 1/2")
H: 1145mm(45")
D: 1867mm(73 1/2")
W: 4744mm(187")
H: 1549mm(61")
D: 3266mm(128 5/8")
W: 3856mm(152")
H: 1347mm(53")
D: 3267mm(128 5/8")
W: 3986mm(157")
H: 1347mm(53")
D: 1866mm(73 1/2")
W: 4234mm(166 1/2")
H: 1549mm(61")
  • Material
P-BL30 Blue
P-BL31 Sky Blue
P-BL32 Silver Grey
P-BL33 Slate Grey
P-BL35 Orange Red
P-BL36 Grass Green
P-BL41 Lime
P-BL44 Green
P-BL45 Burgundy
P-BY01 Orange Red
P-BY02 Violet
P-BY20 Smoky Grey
P-BY21 Blue Grey
P-BY22 Charcoal Grey
P-BY23 Ivory Yellow
P-BY24 Blue Green
P-BY25 Vivid Blue
P-BY27 Army Green
P-KM30 Green
P-KM33 Silver Grey
P-TM01 Yellow
P-TM02 Green
P-TM06 Blue
P-TM07 Grey
P-TM09 Light Coffee
P-TM10 Red
P-TM12 Black
P-TM13 Orange
P-TM14 Dark Coffee