Unconventionally and innovatively shaped like a Dutch lace collar, the Rabat sofa is luxurious, elegant and classic. The smooth lines and inspiring colour combinations make Rabat more of an artwork than a piece of furniture. The armrest and the backrest, which are much higher than those of regular sofas, can play the role of screens and meet the needs of private communication.

Design and modelling:
Rabat breaks away from traditional modelling, using a variety of materials to create a modern high-end and semi-private sofa system. It conveys to customers a sense of sagacity and quality. Rabat can make office space more flexible and open, improving work efficiency and benefitting physical and mental health.
Space and configuration:
The Rabat system creates a mobile private space and contributes to area partition, noise-blocking and a flexible office system. The multi-functional coffee table can be used as an armrest, with storage and USB functions as well. The metal frame has a stable structure for comfortable seating. The hidden zipper and connector make the sofa more appealing still.
Material and colour options:
Matching leather and fabric/cashmere brings a sense of quality as well as practicability. The PVC leather outer makes it easier to clean, while the cashmere inside offers a more comfortable feel. In addition, there are a dozen colours to choose from.
Colors and Materials
Product Model
D: 930mm(36 5/8")
W: 2010mm(79 1/8")
H: 1100mm(43 2/8")
D: 930mm(36 5/8")
W: 2010mm(79 1/8")
H: 1100mm(43 2/8")
  • Material
TP-PV20H Gray
TP-PV52_Yellowish Brown
TP-PV14_Dark Brown
TP-PV12_Light Coffee
TP-PV10_Black with Lichee Pattem
S-SD13 Orange
S-SD21 Dark Blue
S-SD24 Indigo
S-SD32 Light Grey
S-SD35 Dark Grey
S-SD38 Black
S-SD57 Red
S-SD82 Green
S-SD83 Yellow
SM-ML21B Grey
SM-ML40B Orange
SM-ML50B Yellow
SM-ML60B Green
SM-ML81B Dark Blue
SM-ML82B Vivid Blue
TM-VI10B Black
TM-VI11B Coffee
TM-VI21B Grey
TM-VI27B Dark Sky Grey
TM-VI29B Beige
TM-VI30B Red
TM-VI42B Autumn Yellow
TM-VI50B Yellow
TM-VI64B Celadon Green
TM-VI81B Dark Blue
TM-VI82B Vivid Blue
TM-VI90B Purple