"Maillard Style" Meets Financial Office Spaces

Location: China Industry: Financial

The traditional financial industry is undergoing significant transformation, with new service models and formats emerging, placing fresh demands on the design and layout of financial office spaces. So, what do the office spaces that finance professionals love and want look like today?

This article showcases the spatial design cases of Zhonghai Trust and China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., demonstrating that modern financial office spaces, based on corporate culture and contemporary trends, and breaking away from the rigid image of traditional financial companies. Let's explore how to elevate to a modern financial office space that integrates youthfulness, branding, and humanity.

01 "Maillard Style" in Financial Offices

"Maillard Style" features a brown color palette

The Maillard color scheme has become a hot trend in the fashion world, and now, the "Maillard Style" has also seeped into financial offices. To reflect the modern and stylish atmosphere of financial office spaces, a harmonious color scheme is created by using adjacent or closely related colors to achieve overall balance and unity in the space.


Interior decoration and furniture are adorned with rich Maillard colors, with warm wood textures and gradually transitioning hues making the entire space softer, cleaner, and more elegant.



Abandoning the opulent and dazzling style favored by traditional financial organizations, the natural retro style of Maillard colors imparts a warm and blended office experience.

02 Integrating Brand Symbols into Space Design

6 .jpg

* Customized Brand Logo on Desktops

Integrating brand identity with the design and decor the of space conveys the core values and brand culture of the enterprise, enhancing the brand image. It also allows people to feel a sense of belonging and loyalty, thereby strengthening trust and recognition.


Zhonghai Trust's brand logo is concise and powerful, with the outer "C" representing China, symbolizing trust and commitment. The inner square represents a reliable and professional brand image. Incorporating brand elements into the space gives the space a unique cultural temperament.

meeting space1 .jpg

In addition to directly using the brand logo, comfortable guest sofas with flowing Chinese-style lines combined with the curved elements of lighting fixtures echo the compositional elements of the brand logo. This further elevates the brand identity and quality perception of the space.

03 Future Office Trend: People-Centric

Putting people first is the current trend in office design, with its design value lying in the potential for positive experiences through personalized considerations in the dimensions mentioned above.


* Safety Management: Intelligent Password Locks

The financial industry deals with a large amount of data and information and places greater emphasis on implementing a series of security management features to ensure information security. For example, storage cabinets are equipped with intelligent password locks, making storage more secure and convenient.


13.JPG* Technology Experience: Wireless Charging and Smart Lifting Functions

Executive offices have also broken away from the stereotypical image of leadership offices. The technological, quality, and aesthetic aspects of furniture not only enhance efficient and comfortable office experiences but also reflect the user's style and aesthetics. This is the essence of financial professionals' office spaces.

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