Office Furniture Solution for Hyderabad Pharma City

Location: India Industry: Government

Hyderabad Pharma City (HPC) is the biggest integrated cluster for the pharmaceutical industry in the world, with a focus on R&D and production. Given its significance on a national and international level, the cluster has been designated as a National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) by the Indian government.


Hyderabad is home to Pharma City's newly constructed headquarters, which has a colorful and contemporary interior. Natural light, a world of warm, colorful materials with textures, wooden floors, glass, and contemporary aluminum barriers are all combined to create the design style and ambience of the workplace. The office's biophilia theme, which unifies the area and makes it a wellness-focused setting, is carried throughout.

We are proud to be the exclusive partner for all furniture solutions, and have been successful in executing designer’s and client’s vision of a modern office.

The Focus on Social Spaces

It is essential to create areas where communication is valued. To accomplish this, an open, welcoming place with a variety of "we type spaces" that are ideal for everyone—more compact team rooms or semi-private areas—has been built. With the help of our colorful D-series and Nitzee lounge series, welcoming and pleasant spaces were developed to encourage social cohesiveness. In order to provide employees with a location to communicate and to be utilized as meeting rooms with stringent noise regulations, hybrid rooms outfitted with our Butterfly chairs were created. Employees may switch up their surroundings and take a break from sitting at their desks at the Work café. Our Plis chair is perfect for filling this need since it fits this flexible, open area.


Functional Spaces for the Leaders

Long meetings might feel much longer when you're sitting on a poor chair. In order to improve the overall experience for office workers, the style of furniture chosen and its placement are crucial factors. Our Round Tables' rounded or tapering sides might increase the number of individuals the camera can see. Even during lengthy meetings, people may feel at ease thanks to our Vertu ergonomic seats. The decor is often subtle, with muted colors and traditional furniture styles. It is intended to be the setting for crucial business decisions. Visitors may relax for extended chats in their rooms on soft couches like our Star sofa and armchairs.

Project Details:

Location: Hyderabad, India

Design Firm: Form Studios

Sunon’s Partner: Spica

Photographer: Ricken Desai


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