The Educational and Leisure Spaces for Urban Seniors

Location: China Industry: Healthcare

The university for seniors serves as a crucial hub for retired officials and elderly individuals to continue learning, expand their knowledge, and fulfill their spiritual and cultural needs. This case study takes into account the usage scenarios of the elderly population and tailors a safety-focused, comfortable, and elegant spatial design solution specifically for Seniors University, creating an educational space that is both physically and mentally delightful.

Color Harmony: Care for Seniors


*Floor Plan


*Color Block Design in Corridors

The university for seniors boasts well-equipped indoor spaces with various functionalities. The use of different colors in various spaces enhances the elderly community's recognition of the spatial layout. Corresponding color designs for different indoor furniture contribute to positive emotional impacts on users through color psychology.

In the salon center, soft and warm colors such as light green and beige are chosen. From a physiological perspective, colors leaning towards cool and neutral hues stabilize heart rate and blood pressure, reducing emotional fluctuations and stimuli for a calm mindset.

The sofa provides a moderately soft and firm seating experience, and all furniture is designed with rounded curves to minimize safety hazards.

Salon Center.jpg

Salon Center 2.jpg*Salon Center

In vocal, instrumental, and painting classrooms, furniture in purer and warmer colors, such as warm tones (yellow, red, and orange), is selected to stimulate users' creative inspiration.

Considering the decline in physical fitness among the elderly, lightweight furniture facilitates easy movement. The chairs in scientifical size enable elderly individuals to maintain a relaxed sitting posture during classes.

Vocal Music Classroom.jpg

*Vocal Music Classroom

Instrumental Music Classroom.jpg

*Instrumental Music Classroom

Painting Classroom.jpg

*Painting Classroom

The color tone in the social media classroom is also vibrant. Training chairs come with armrests for added support, and they can be pushed under the desk to optimize space. Anti-slip foot pads enhance safety.

Social Media Classroom.JPG

*Social Media Classroom

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