Office Furniture Solution for Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Hyderabad

Location: India Industry: Government

The Centre for Excellence for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Startups (CIES), which provides ideation laboratories, mentorship, and innovation labs in T-Hub Hyderabad, was established by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). In collaboration with the state government, a world-class facility with 15,000 square feet of area and 200 seating capacity was built. With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation skill sets, CIES will collaborate with ecosystem players to improve the success of local enterprises. Long-term interactions with family offices and corporate offices will also be part of the center's work with entrepreneurs to build, incubate, and accelerate.

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Design Concept

In various environments, people behave and think in different ways. This was accomplished by creating a welcoming, open environment. The best solution is a mixed-layout workplace with discrete zones developed for diverse tasks. Opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and innovation result from this. It could encourage casual communication, idea exchange, and "running into" other people.  It also gives everyone more room to walk about and access to natural light, which might reduce fatigue and improve overall well-being. Flexibility and social skills go hand in hand since a well-organized workplace will provide the appropriate spaces for each employee at any time of the day. Balancing “me” and “we” spaces, workstations with ergonomic chairs are provided for individual work and our D-series soft seating and Flower modular sofa allow for casual collisions and informal collaboration between employees.

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A Focus on Privacy

The lack of privacy in an open-plan office is its main drawback. Offices that are designed for hybrid work, have adequate visual and aural seclusion and are furnished with tools and technology have happier employees. Our D-series semi-private couches were designed to create cozy sanctuaries for peaceful concentration. Anybody may use this type of space, which is intended to be an open-plan workplace, to find serenity and concentrate while reducing the possibility of interruptions.

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Additionally, employees require completely private areas where they may gather, make calls, or conduct hybrid meetings. Our N-space pods are the ideal acoustically constructed phone booths since they offer these amenities as well as sound seclusion.  These four- or six-person phone booths may serve as meeting or collaboration areas where a small team can focus on a specific objective.

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Executive Spaces for the Leaders

Private offices in today's day must accommodate the leaders' daily routines and working styles. If executives cannot complete their work in a private office, it is essentially ineffective. From our private office collection, the Round executive range was used in this project that combines outstanding utility with aesthetic appeal. It balances aesthetics and functionality to create a setting that is perfect for discussions and important idea exchanges. The use of leather and wood together breaks up the monotony of one material and adds a new perspective. The Round series combines uprightness and roundness while smoothing down sharp edges with modesty and humility.

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We are proud of this project and would like to thank our clients and partners for their continued support. 

Design Firm: Form Studios

Project Contractor: KPC projects

Sunon Partner: Spica Modular India

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