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The Space is Surrounded by the "Orange Sea"

By deconstructing and associating company logo colors navy blue and orange, the romantic atmosphere of nature is integrated into the office environment, allowing employees to feel as if they are immersed in a vibrant ocean, inspiring endless creativity and potential.


Designers apply navy blue and orange to furniture and soft furnishings, ensuring the harmony and unity of the space while providing visual enjoyment for employees.

Desktop privacy screens are paired with orange, this warm tone shining as bright as sunlight. The high-saturation colors are more in line with the aesthetic preferences of young employees, allowing them to unleash unlimited creativity and potential in a pleasant environment.


Romantic Sensation Outlined by Rounded Curves

The application of rounded curves is also a highlight of this office space. From the corners of the desks to the chairs, every detail reflects the unique charm of curves.

This design not only makes the space appear softer and more comfortable but also conforms to ergonomic principles, helping to enhance employees' work efficiency and comfort.

The design team not only uses rounded lines on furniture to create a warm atmosphere but also customizes the company logo on steel cabinets, highlighting corporate characteristics; selecting circular lamps forms a unified visual language, collectively reinforcing the unique corporate impression of China International Intellectech Group (CIIC Group).


Ready-to-Use Healthy Office

It's not just about space colors; higher requirements are proposed for raw materials, manufacturing processes, product functions, safety, environmental protection, etc. Sunon also provides value-added services such as airing, ensuring the green and healthy nature of the furniture itself.

In addition, Sunon, in collaboration with Wanhua Chemical Group, comprehensively upgrades the health dimension of products, proposing a formaldehyde-free office concept and using zero formaldehyde MDI eco-friendly adhesives, implanting safety genes into panels, making it possible for the "forest" in the office to breathe, unlocking a formaldehyde-free office experience.

When furniture is placed in office buildings, final air treatment is carried out to minimize harmful gases and dust in the overall space, ensuring a comprehensive improvement in employees' healthy work experience.

Sunon believes that a healthy and comfortable office environment is an important guarantee for inspiring employee creativity and enhancing work efficiency.


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