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Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture) is a listed company under Zhejiang Daily Press Group, with the strategic goal of becoming an "industrial group for digital culture and technology in Zhejiang and China".

At the end of 2019, Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture initiated the construction of Zhejiang Newspaper Digital Culture Science and Technology Park in the Smart Internet Valley. The park has a total construction area of approximately 114,000㎡, consisting of two 18-storey towers, a 3-storey commercial podium, and a central plaza.

The new park is situated in the heart of the modern city. The brand envisions the overall aesthetic of the space to align with an ecological and natural office concept, extending the urban landscape to create an oasis conducive to work and life with an open and inclusive attitude.


01 New Realm of Natural Office

Surrounded by tall buildings, people yearn to enjoy moments of nature in a low-carbon, pollution-free environment, that provides a healthy, environmentally friendly, and comfortable working atmosphere.

As a listed company, Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture aims to harmonize design with nature through biophilic design and the creation of public spaces, fostering a sense of happiness.

The large skylight on the building's roof promote harmonious connection of external to internal. Transparent glass, green plants, and non-traditional furniture blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a relaxed spatial experience.

The scattered plant groups and artistically shaped furniture not only enrich the visual perception of the space but also establish a new model of symbiotic coexistence between humans, space and nature, unleashing the potential spirit of the space.

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02 Balanced Social Relationships

For a modern office space advocating the coexistence of health and efficiency, spaces for both "socializing" and "solitude" are indispensable and need suitable environments.

Circular elements overlap and circulate in the space, visually increasing the expansiveness of physical spaces. Extensive linen materials and plants form a cocoon-like space, providing a sense of tranquility for people.

Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture envisions an office as a modern space where health and efficiency coexist.  Sunon helped  transform the spatial form to create an atmosphere more suitable for the socializing and solitude for  people.

The balance between socializing and solitude is not a simple binary proposition but a dynamic equilibrium. Through flexible and portable furniture, the space comes to life, creating the desired atmosphere today.


03 Conveying a Friendly Corporate Image through Colors

The color trend in office design leans towards personalized design, helping companies emphasize their individuality and stand out. BIANFENG, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture, boldly uses the corporate color green in the new office design, showcasing a distinctive brand personality.

Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture's corporate color is red. The furniture in public spaces boldly incorporates contrasting red and green colors, conveying Zhejiang Daily Digital Culture's friendly attitude towards its subsidiaries.

Simultaneously, leveraging the interaction of light, shadow, materials, and lines, a relaxed and lively office atmosphere is created, allowing workers to express themselves in the space and feel a sense of belonging.


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