Office Furniture Solution for a Leading Music Entertainment Group

Industry: Technology&IT

The music entertainment group is one of the leading online music entertainment platforms in China, operating the country's highly popular and innovative music apps with over 800 million monthly active users.

Based on the beautiful vision of "creating unlimited possibilities for music", The group launched a new office site in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park to attract more industry elites and realize the comprehensive group strategic planning and upgrade.


Owing to our high-quality tailor-made workspace solutions, it's not the first time for Sunon to serve the music entertainment group. Based on our in-depth familiarity with the culture of our client, Sunon chose the representative color-blue as the primary shade for the space and integrated the business philosophy of sharing. The objective was to achieve the boundlessness of office and leisure space and fully meet the diversified office needs of the talents of our client.

2.jpgThe blue and white office furniture and three-dimensional acoustic decoration on the wall are inspired from the characteristic symbols of the music products of our client and impress the visitors with bright and creative space.


The smooth-edged D series sofa is placed at the center of the space, connecting the left and right office areas. A comprehensive service area integrates the functions of negotiation, reception, coworking, and more.


As the main representative color of the music entertainment group, blue is the featured color utilized in most of the space. The resimercial design with office furniture gives visitors and their talents a more comfortable and relaxed experience. The hidden garbage bin design inside of the tea bar keeps the space as clean as new.


For maintaining effective and efficient execution of the talented team of our client, Sunon created an orderly open office area for it. The ergonomically designed Winger office chair can support their talents for long hours of sitting. In the meantime, the extended pedal configuration on the chair can effectively improve the comfort of an afternoon nap.


In the common area, Sunon placed lounge seating, tea bar, coffee tables for people from various departments to share stories, discuss and communicate with each other.


The walls are not only the partition of the common area, but also served as the writing whiteboard for groups to brainstorm project ideas and solutions.


Sunon divided the entire leisure area into diverse sub-zones of various functions including catering zone, collaboration zone, and modular administrative zone to bring fresh and positive vibes.


As the company is involved in the music industry, we've also added music-related ornaments for the client on their transparent walls to offer the whole working area an immersive entertainment experience.


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