How Hospitality Trends Are Redefining Office Design

Design Apr 30 2021

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. Blurred lines between commercial, retail, and hospitality design indicate the fast-moving trends that are influencing the way we work and live. Flexibility has become a key component in attracting and retaining workers and overall employee productivity. Human-centric design, personalized workspaces, and increased demand for relaxation areas are the hot topics in space design.

Attitudes to the workplace are changing. In the post-COVID era, when remote working will still be a norm, the old spaces will not attract staff back to them. The design of the workplace need to look and feel a lot more like home or a destination hotel. This will create a more desirable place for the employees. The hospitality sector has a lot to teach us about creating spaces that people want to spend time in.

解决方案和博客内容图片_0000_图片1.jpgWhat is a Hospitality workplace?

It is the concept in which the aesthetics of hospitality meet the function of commercial spaces. That means private offices and desk spaces are getting smaller, while common areas designed to foster collaboration are getting larger and more inspiring.  A workplace can still be inspiring, a place that “enlivens the senses.” There is a cross-over of hospitality and commercial design happening, and it is changing the face of today’s workplaces.


Influence of hospitality on Offices

Just as hospitality spaces have started designing for their guests, workspaces have shifted their focus from the employer to the employee. Today, everyone is focusing on design for the people that visit their space. Here are some major shifts in commercial office spaces that come directly from the hospitality industry.


Biophilia - Workplace design has followed the hospitality industry, adopting biophilia to reduce stress and help promote renewal at work. Bringing the outdoors in has become a huge principle in office design.


Personalized - Companies want to create environments that can connect to their community. Today they focus on creating authentic environments inspired by the local culture which is more relatable and personalized.


Social hubs - Flexible, multipurpose rooms with diverse furniture options, offer people a comfortable space encouraging people to connect and create more collaboration and social connections.



Resimercial design -  As more residential-style furniture and fewer commercial finishes are introduced in the workspace; the more enthusiastic people are about coming to work. A warm and comfortable environment leads to more employees wanting to spend time in these spaces.

Quality of spaces - Vibrant colours, textures, wallpapers, feature flooring and experimental fabrics which move away from dull corporate standards of the past. Workspaces are now more boutique-like, fun, casual, quiet, and comfortable.


More welcoming - Reception space design is becoming more boutique rather than clinical and corporate. More concierge-type services to compete for talent and create employee brand loyalty. More emphasis on cafes and kitchens as a third-place and viable work setting.

Work anywhere concept - This is the social environment of the office, where there is more quality, shared workspace, and less closed spaces.


It’s more than just look and feel

Although aesthetics are an important part of the office design, the benefits of hospitality design in offices,  goes way beyond the surface-level look and feel of the space. The introduction of things like social spaces, cafés, health and fitness facilities, relaxation zones, and a more hospitality-style aesthetic will positively influence your employees. Here are few benefits of hospitality design trends in offices:

· Better wellbeing and work productivity

· Improved communication lines and collaborative approach

· Giving employees more options & control required to use the space as per their need

· Creating a sense of community and belonging

· Attract and retain talent

· Allows for innovation and employee satisfaction that builds corporate culture. This ultimately will reflect on the corporate brand.

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