7 Creative Office Space Ideas to Upgrade Your Office

Ideas and Tips Jul 01 2022

The office is changing. Today, office designs are now highly diversified and adaptable. A creative workspace may encourage idea sharing, boost teamwork, and enable flexible work schedules. Team morale may be greatly improved by just giving your workplace layout design a little more attention.

Employers are more aware than ever of how to make their employees feel welcomed, motivated, and at ease as employment trends favor a return to the office. You can upgrade your workplace by applying a few creative office space ideas, regardless of whether you're relocating to a new location or trying to make improvements to an existing one.

Here are seven ideas for sparking creativity at work.

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The Newsroom

The atmosphere at a newspaper or media workplace is energetic, and the design is largely centered on the idea of teamwork. Any job where communication is crucial and there is a requirement for impromptu meetings or brainstorming sessions is ideal for this kind of arrangement. 

Open areas and collections of group tables distinguish this particular style. Remove room separators and cubicle barriers, and provide cozy, adaptable seating around the office.

A Cool Café

Consider the settings that most people would consider friendly. Typically, it's your house, a cool café, or a resort. Why? Because these settings were created with comfort in mind. Imagine your workplace as a cool café. What furniture, decorations, objects, spaces, or drinks would you require to achieve this mood?

Comfortable seats, delicious coffee, creative spaces, and ambient lighting can all be added. You might make any of these minor adjustments to make your work area more hospitable.

The Library

Designing an office library is the ideal course of action if you're seeking for additional ways to enable your employees to take a much-needed break from their desks. Many businesses have come up with inventive ways to include a reading room in their working environment. Their color scheme incorporates earthy, natural tones that make the personnel feel at ease. Establish designated "silent hours" where staff members can congregate to work quietly together or read books while also taking a break from routine work.

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The Innovation Lab

Offices are where coworkers push one another to come up with the next great concept. There are areas designed to promote creative thinking. For the goal of stimulating the emergence of the next big idea, offices may have idea laboratories, whiteboards all over the place, and strolling alleys surrounded by vegetation.

To create pleasant, partially open, and partially closed meeting areas, place 1-2 privacy screens around groups of workstations. For some employees who don't want to sit all day, standing meeting tables are a terrific choice. There could include technology and equipment like tablets, features for office automation, projectors, and touchpads.

A Zen Space

Office workers need designated areas to unwind. There are various methods to create a zen workplace environment, from changing the color palette in specific places to reflect a more tranquil, minimalist vibe to offering a variety of relaxing activities for workers to participate in.

Turn any area with a door, such as break rooms, conference rooms, and even closets, into breakout spaces. Consider beanbags and ergonomic seats, as well as coordinating throws and cushions, to create a warm atmosphere.

A Co-working Space

Co-working ensures that everyone has access to whatever they need while creating an open environment that does away with walls. Not to mention that it could promote departmental and even between-department collaboration.

Use carpets or cool floor panels to define work zones. Provide the space a unique "appearance" without fully isolating it from the rest of the office. By adding printers, routers, coffee makers, and other necessary shared equipment, open spaces may be transformed into more compact, personalized offices.

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A Wellness Centre

A wellness layout places a special emphasis on wellbeing rather than productivity, teamwork, or achieving business objectives. It is possible to combine meditation rooms, greenery, ergonomic furniture, an office gym, lots of natural light, motivating and relaxing colors, and ergonomic furnishings.

If you don’t have the facility for an office gym or a fitness center, you can also try these hacks. Encourage individuals to practise daily chair yoga there. To create spacious, CrossFit-inspired gym environments, tidy up a few office areas. To create "fitness zones," mark off areas of the floor.

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