Your Go-To Guide for Choosing the Right Home Office Chair

Inspiration Jan 15 2021

It's safe to say that "work from home" will be an integral part of our work life for an indefinite period of time. While it may be a permanent new reality for many employees, some will have a flexible working routine, shuffling between the office and home. With no team members nearby, no break rooms, and no water cooler chats, it is highly likely that you're spending long hours sitting on a chair, working on a computer.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose an ergonomic chair that offers good back support and minimizes health issues that may arise due to the wrong posture.


Vogue High Back Chair

The most common mistake while buying a chair

Many don't pay attention to the importance of the right chair and instead of getting an ergonomic chair, they just go for the cheapest option possible. A lower quality chair can lead to fatigue, greater discomfort, and less productivity. The more you sit in your poorly designed chair, the more it will take a toll on your body.

Also, cheap products need replacing sooner than an ergonomic chair. Over time, your office chair will degrade and its effectiveness from an ergonomic perspective will suffer. Various mechanisms can deteriorate and comfort can simply wain over time.  If you heed the old saying of 'prevention is better than the cure', you'll save yourself a lot of pain and money.

Why an ergonomic chair is a worthy investment?

It's a fact that ergonomic office chairs are more expensive than your standard office chairs. But think of it as a long term investment for your health. An ergonomic office chair will conform to your body shape, prevent bad posture, keep your joints in a neutral position, and allow for proper hip and pelvis alignment. This lowers your risk of injury and strain, will give you more energy, and let you focus without distraction and discomfort. The best chairs are highly adjustable, so you can set your chair up to support you perfectly and enjoy the health and productivity benefits. Ultimately, what you are gaining by investing in an ergonomic office chair translates directly into your work.

Butterfly Chair

Questions to ask when choosing a chair

While choosing a chair for your daily work, consider these questions, and ask the seller. The idea is to understand how the chair works and if the chair works for you. In this article, we will discuss in detail, the importance of these questions and the elements you should look for in your ideal chair.

  • Does the chair have a 5-point base?

  • Does it have a height-adjustable feature?

  • Is the backrest conforming to the shape of the body?

  • Is there adjustable support for the back?

  • Does the seat cushion width and depth provide good comfort?

  • Is there tilt adjustability and locking system?

  • Does the seat cushion have a rounded edge?

  • Do the armrests provide support to the forearms and are they adjustable?

Shield Chair

How to choose the right chair?

Just like the people that sit in them, chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with various features designed to support one area or another, and of course, at various price-points. If you're thinking about buying a new desk chair, but don't know which is the right one for you, we have created a practical guide for you, which will clear up any doubts you may have and help you pick the perfect office chair for you.

Move easily with 5 points bases on casters

If chair mobility is important to help you to do your work, then the chair should have at least a five-point base with casters that glide freely over the floor surface.  Better-built ones that can roll nicely on hard surfaces or carpet as well.

Comfortable adjustable lumbar support

This crucial feature does not only ensure comfort, it also helps in the correction and maintenance of the user's posture. The best ergonomic chairs come with a good lumbar adjustment where it can be adjusted according to the natural curve of the lumbar region of the spine. Sitting in a chair without lumbar support tends to flatten that curve, which leads to lower back pain.

Iron chair with adjustable lumbar support

Adjustable Height

Most chairs are built for the average person, so this is important if you're taller or shorter than most people. For optimal comfort, you should be seated so that your thighs are horizontal to the floor. Look for a pneumatic adjustment lever that can bring the seat higher up or lower.

Multiple tilt locking mechanism

Look for chairs that allow you to easily recline, that provide you with good back support in different recline postures. Locking the chair backrest in one position generally isn't recommended or beneficial to users. Hence, a multiple-locking feature supports a dynamic sitting rather than encouraging a static posture.

Waterfall seat design

Waterfall seats take their name from their rounded front edge. The downward sloped shape aids to relieve pressure and increase support behind your knees and on the back of your thighs. The waterfall design provides a more even distribution of weight, which makes for a more comfortable sitting experience. Many high-end chairs come will a seat sliding feature, which allows you to move your seat forward and back according to your comfort level.

Our Award-winning HUP chair comes with a waterfall seat and a seat sliding feature, which can be adjusted by a lever below the seat

Adjustable armrests

Many have this question "do I really need armrests on my chair?". The answer is yes; particularly for people who are working for longer hours. Armrests are a great help for resting your arms and forearms and, therefore, reducing the feeling of neck fatigue. We recommend 'multi-adjustable' or '4D' arms which can be adjusted for height, as well as depth and width.

Head support

A lot of chairs come with a headrest or are tall enough in the back that there's a place designed for your head to lay. Being hunched over a keyboard will make your neck "tired," so a chair with some support for the upper back and head means you can take a break and lean back.

Breathable Mesh Backrest

You can find all sorts of textures, but our biggest recommendation is choosing one made of breathable material. Fabric is a breathable material that feels comfortable in summers but it needs to be cleaned regularly. If you are in living in a hot region and you want a hassle-free backrest, then go for a mesh one. keeps its users cool by keeping the air flowing, and comfortably contours the body while spreading the weight across a large area.   

Aveza chair comes with fabric and mesh backrest options

Three things to keep in mind while making the final decision

Comfort is the key: The most important aspect of any chair is the comfort and support it provides and should be the key deciding factor for your purchase.

Don't get carried away by looks: An expensive great looking chair might not be the right chair for you. Choose a chair based on your needs.

Try it before you buy it: One size doesn't fit all. You should always sit in the chair and take the feel of it. Even if you are buying online, try to find the local showroom and try the chair first.

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