7 Ways Height-Adjustable Desks Benefit Your Mental Health

Wellbeing Sep 17 2021

There are numerous articles available online about the benefits of Sit-stand desks on the physical health of people, but there is more to that story. Desks that allow workers to sit as well as a stand while using a computer apparently improve job performance and mental health. And the pandemic has taught how important is mental health in our overall wellbeing.


The benefits of a standing desk aren't just limited to your physical health. Most of the time, people don’t consider the psychological consequences as well. Researchers argue that height adjustable desks are good for your brain as well as your back. Many studies have proven that height-adjustable desks increase your brain’s performance and enhance your energy level.


Can standing more often during the workday really make a noticeable impact on your mental health? Let’s dive in.




1. Improve mood and reduce anxiety

Sitting for a long duration causes stress and anxiety. Alternating between sitting and standing positions increases the release of hormones like serotonin which is a mood booster. Your energy level will be higher, and you will be in a better mood when choosing to stand at your work. Studies show that Workers who use standing desks report less stress and anxiety than their seated colleagues.   One of the top three benefits reported was improved mood and energy.


2. Better Memory

Excessive long-term sedentary behavior can result in thinning of the medial temporal lobe, which is the part of your brain responsible for memory. So, it is imperative that you become more physically active now. With a sit-stand desk, you can increase the amount of “incidental” movement you receive in a day, which indirectly helps protect your memory.


3.  Increase brain performance

During standing and movement of the body, blood circulates more efficiently which means more oxygen is being pumped into the brain. It helps your brain perform correctly, increasing your concentration level and improving your productivity.




4. More Focus and alertness

When standing, you're less relaxed and are aware of your balance, and engage more muscles. This gives you a slight mental edge and this slightly sharpened focus relates to increased work engagement. Standing makes your brain go on alert, which directly translates to increased focus and alertness. We do small movements like finger tapping or shuffling feet when we stand and work. This psychological thing happens automatically and improves our concentration.


5. Increase creativity

Alternating between sitting and standing keeps your brain busy. An active brain always works better and makes you more creative. When you use a standing desk, you will enjoy high creativity and better information processing. You will notice that the creative juices flow easily and you can come up with new ideas more frequently.


6. More collaboration

Standing desks may help improve collaborative work and better interaction. A study showed that a group with standing desks, had open communication, free flow of ideas, and less tension among team members. 




7.  More confidence

Sitting in a chair leads to slouching. If we add standing and working in our daily routine, it automatically leads to a straighter posture. With a better stance, you will feel positive effects over time, which means you will feel more confident.


The Takeaway

The benefits of a sit-stand desk are not only physical but also psychological. It will energize your body and brain and you will see a significant change in mood, energy, and productivity. If you want to make your physical and psychological health better, a height-adjustable desk can be the best solution.

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