The Power of a Clutter-free Desk

Others Jan 31 2020

Does your mind drift somewhere else every time you sit down to work? Do you find it difficult to plan and organize your workday? Maybe the state of your desk is to blame and you should start by switching to a minimalist workspace. Uncluttered workspace is a thing of beauty and the powerful engine of productivity.

Clutter prevents productivity and growth, which often makes one feel stagnant in the workplace. At a time when almost everything is digital, there is little reason to let mounds of papers, files and notebooks clutter your office space. To be productive, you need to keep things organized on your desk and in your mind.


In this article, we are going to explore the various reasons why a clutter-free desk will ultimately improve your work and your workday!

Less Distraction

A cluttered office desk is filled with potential distractions. Sticky-notes, business cards, file folders, pieces of paper and uncompleted projects all vying for our attention. The more things you see, your mind has a harder time deciding what to focus on. In other words, the more things on your desk you can see, the more distracted you can get from a work task. Removing desk clutter will help you to focus better on the task at hand and increase your productivity.

Clutter Increases Stress

If you're constantly trying to locate various items throughout your day, then it is going to slow you down and stress you out. Walking into the office and seeing a pile of paperwork all over your desk is an instant mood dampener. Regularly clearing the desk and trying to stay organized is an effective way of being stress-free.


Hinders Creativity

Keeping your desk neat is essential to keeping you motivated and inspired at work. Some suggest that clutter helps creativity, but that only rings true for some individuals. Others say that when the stress of your desk occupies your mind, and you can't even begin to start cleaning your space, there is no room left to really think creatively.

New Opportunity

A new day brings new opportunities and the potential to accomplish something better. Walking into an office with yesterday's mess immediately anchors you to the past, and dampens the new day. But a clean desk breeds life, encouragement, and endless possibilities. Clean your desk at the end of each day for a better tomorrow.


Hampers Efficiency

Keeping your workspace clean will help improve your efficiency and help increase your workspace productivity as a whole. A study showed that being organized will save you 60 minutes a day. Clutter isn't only physical, it creates a vicious mental cycle that makes it hard to work efficiently and live a healthy active life.

A Messy Desk is Unprofessional

A clean desk indicates a clean and focused mind. It makes you look efficient, accomplished, thorough, and professional. That being said; it's important to keep your office tidy not just because of what other people might think, but because of the way it affects your morale. Stay on top of things and you'll inspire a much more professional attitude among your colleagues.


Preferred Lifestyle

Tidiness is a lifestyle. It's a choice that one must make if they want to operate efficiently and appear to be so at the same time. Take pride in your appearance and that of your working environment and people will afford you more respect — particularly when it comes to senior management.  This encourages a healthier lifestyle with stronger personal relationships.

A clear and clutter-free office desk will grant you more focus, peace of mind, and productivity. And that's good for both you and your company. Be sure to start with the 11 Hacks for a perfectly organized office desk.

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