Eleven Hacks for a Perfectly Organized Office Desk

Workplace Sep 27 2019

Keeping your workspace clean and tidy all the time, may seem like a lot of work. But, you might be surprised to know how much an organized desk can help you get your work done more smoothly. This is even part of office furniture solutions. Clutter creates anxiety and hampers your focus at work. So, it's time to let go of the mess and love your workspace.

Start with these simple tips and tricks to get your office desk organized and enjoy a visually appealing physical space and better focus instantly.

1. Keep the computer/laptop right in front of you

Place your computer at a comfortable distance that does not put a strain on your eyes. Get yourself some room, about 2 feet in front of you and sit comfortably with your back straight.

Computer wires always seem messy on the desk. Tie those and put them behind the system.


2. Put frequently used things  near your dominant hand

Keep all the desktop items you use, on the side of your dominant hand e.g. telephone, pencil stand, paper tray, post-it notes. It doesn't seem very important, but saves time and makes you efficient.


3. Slow down on the personal stuff

Personal items make a desk your own, but most should be saved for your Facebook and Instagram and not on your office desk. Don't put tons of personal memorabilia. A few tasteful items are great e.g. family portrait, office art, awards, company merchandise.

4. Keep only the things you need on the desktop

Do you need multiple pens and pencils all the time? Do you use stapler every day? How many paper clips do you need at a time? Think about the things you require throughout the day. You only need a few things that you use at the ready. The rest is clutter. They deserve space in your storage/pedestal and not on your desk.


5. Work on one task at a time

The truth is that multitasking is not practically possible and it leads to less productivity. Make a  schedule of jobs to do and focus on a single task at a time. Keep the things you need for that particular task on the desk. After you finish the task, remove the items and move on to the next task.

6. Put similar items together

Organize the drawers of your storage and keep similar items in one place. Designate one drawer for your office supplies and one drawer for your personal items like phone, keys, wallet, etc.

7. Color code the files

If your job entails with lots of files and folders, then its better if you segregate your documents and color code them. Let's say red equals invoices, green is for sales, blue is for design, yellow is for reports and so on. That way you'll quickly find an item when you need it.


8. Make notes but not always

Do you make post-it notes for everything and put it on your office desk? Instead of making you organized, it will make your desk cluttered. Post-it notes are supposed to be reminders and not the to-do lists. You can have a small notebook for that. Project management and productivity platforms are a better option for you. Go digital.


9. Digital Detox

Notification overload is a real issue. Though it may only happen digitally, it can still affect your focus at work. Plus, if you put your phone away in a drawer or off to the side, you won't be as distracted. You'll have a more productive time. Keep time slots for digital detox during your workday when you need more focus.

10. Organize your computer desktop

Keeping your desk clean is not enough when most of your work happens on your computer. Digital mess counts as clutter too, and can be distracting when you're trying to focus. At least once a week, clean up all the unwanted files on your desktop, and create folders within folders if you need to make your home screen neater.

11. Clean your office desk before you leave

This is a  great habit to follow your work. Tidy up your desk every day before you leave. Put everything in their designated places and discard everything which is not needed. This way, you will be welcomed by a clean desk the next day and will help you get a fresh start. In the office, your desk is your first command center. A tidy and clean desk will help set the mood for your workday and improve productivity at work.

Sunon offers expanded solutions to keep your desk and your business organized. If you need our help, please contact us.