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Workplace Mar 04 2022

Workplaces are no longer the only locations where people go to work. The notion of the office must be reimagined, and the new purpose of our workplace must be reframed. For a long time, we considered work to be a destination. In reality, the majority of us refer to our commute to work as "going to work." We're delving right into the numerous evolving facets of the workplace to acquire a better grasp of what it truly accomplishes for us today.

People eventually began to appreciate the value that the office delivers to their professional life when were stuck in their homes for 2 years; yet, that value appears different for each individual. It might be the social connection for some, or access to a healthy and peaceful work environment for others. We need a paradigm shift in how we think about work. Reimagining our workplaces as an instrument for growth, helps us appreciate the value of having a range of settings in which we may all use the tools we require to get the most out of our workday.


Reimagine your workplace as a Creative Centre

Creativity doesn’t flow from a single point, but often with the collision of other ideas. In essence, we're all going around with half of a brilliant idea in our thoughts, and the only way for it to become a breakthrough concept is for us to share our ideas. The capacity to share ideas and borrow hunches is at the heart of what makes creativity possible. With so much of our time spent at home working alone in the pandemic, it's vital that our shared workspaces include a variety of settings that encourage innovative group thinking. It is our human capacity to employ social learning and discovery to grow and collaborate as a group. That is one of the most important reasons why people require a space to come together.


Reimagine your workplace as a Cultural Centre

We learned through the working from home that we can work from anywhere. We have been forced to revaluate why we require an office and are in need of what our home office lacks. The simple answer is connectivity. The concept of the workplace as a cultural headquarter is rethinking what the office's true function is. At home, you are missing that sense of community since you are not in a branded setting that symbolises the company's ideals and values. As a result, it's even more important that we make the office a place where our culture and feeling of community are amplified.


Reimagine your workplace as a Learning Centre

The workplace is a melting pot of people with diverse origins, perspectives, experiences, and views. People have greater opportunity for fresh ideas to clash, hands-on learning, and leading by example inside the office. Employees may learn more and faster at the office via experience, exposure, and example.

Working from home has produced a number of issues, one of which is leaders' decreased opportunities to coach younger employees. In office, they can more effectively teach less-experienced colleagues, but the most significant mentorship comes from a variety of different experiences that develop confidence and understanding. When people get to return to the workplace to be a part of the energy, excitement, and sociability, they also gain skills, knowledge, and experience.


Reimagine your workplace as a Homely Office

Homefulness is a feeling of relief that comes with entering a space that allows you to be totally yourself. We'll need to develop a sense of ownership and comfort in our workplaces so that our employees can be themselves, think outside the box, and establish enduring connections that will encourage them to be their best selves.

Instead of thinking of the workplace as merely a location where we go to work, it could serve as a ‘home away from home’ or ‘second home’ for its employees in many ways. People must feel represented and culturally connected in our second homes. It is the binding agent that holds the company together.



Reimagine your workplace as a Facilitator

To support intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being, spaces must be designed around the requirements of the users. To address a range of demands, the workplace will require a mix of settings and spaces. As a result, we must build environments that allow us to liberate our minds to think creatively.

When it comes to the workplace, we need to think outside the box. Workplaces must be the great facilitators that enable us to reach a cognitive state and perform at our best.

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