Reinventing Workplaces: Where Younger Talent Want to be in

Workplace Apr 08 2022

The war for younger talent is raging on. Businesses that are not adaptable enough for change and embrace the future of work will undoubtedly receive the short end of the stick. They must set themselves apart in order to attract, retain, and engage employees. People can now switch jobs more easily than ever before, thanks to the rise of hybrid teams and organisations that allow them to work from anywhere.

Younger generations of Gen Z and Millennials are taking the centre stage of what is being called “The Great Resignation”. It is true that they are more likely to quit a job than their older generation. Harvard Business Review says, "Employees between the ages of 30 and 45 have had the biggest increase in resignation rates, with an average increase of more than 20% between 2020 and 2021." Another report suggests that 65 % of Gen Zers plans to quit their job this year. According to a survey performed by Microsoft last year, 41% of the worldwide workforce would consider changing employment in this year, with 55% citing the work environment as a factor in their choice.

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If businesses want their younger workers to come back to office and be with them, they need to reinvent their workplaces, that give people what they need and utilize the power of shared workplace experiences. The Physical Space and the Culture will play the biggest roles in winning the war for younger talent. 

The pandemic has increased the stakes for businesses seeking to retain top talent and create successful culture. Let’s look at 4 ideas to create workplace experiences that can build a strong sense of belonging among young talent.

Make spaces more compelling that works for people

Invest in functional spaces, better workstations, and well-equipped break rooms. Create a space that is welcoming, pleasant, and easy to navigate. Increased employee comfort in the office requires a focus on indoor air quality, touch-free technology, and visible cleanliness. Introduce fun workplace experiences that relate to the company's values or business strategy in the office. A work environment that allows various working styles and fosters creativity while also supporting the community might be the ideal way to encourage young employees. Color, light, art, and spaces where employees can socialise with their co-workers are all good ideas. Even if they're working alone in a shared location, they'll feel like they're in energetic company.

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Experiment with layouts catering to people’s needs

Younger People will want greater flexibility, better technology, and incentives to come to work, and businesses must provide that. Encourage a balance of independent and collaborative work by incorporating more team-focused rooms into your floor layout. Include diverse styles of working, such as heads-down individual work that occurs at a desk, flexible seating for when workers need a break from their desks, collaborative areas that foster concentrated team engagement, and socialising lounges. Instead of renovating a whole facility, start small by refurbishing conference rooms, purchasing a new team table, or redoing a floor.

Make people feel at home with Resimercial Design

To make workplaces feel less like sterile corporate offices, utilise the diversity of textures and materials. This combination of finishes, colors, and surfaces may make a workplace feel homelier and inviting. You want to create an environment where your staff can relax and enjoy their work. When feasible, use a variety of lighting options, as well as natural light. Natural light may be stimulated by light-colored furniture and walls, glass where feasible, and well-placed greenary. Higher-end materials, such as leather-look upholstery, wood tones, or area rugs, should also be considered.

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Prioritize wellbeing for higher employee satisfaction

Mental and physical health problems have been rampant, especially among the younger generations. Work from home has been linked to musculoskeletal disorders depression, anxiety, social isolation, and decreased well-being. According to a new Gallup survey, wellbeing and engagement are mutually beneficial and influence one another. A workplace that promotes wellbeing is also helpful for mental health and engagement. 

People will want spaces that promote their well-being, and you may need to consider including areas where people may refresh, reset, and energise throughout the day. When it comes to recruiting and maintaining young talent, providing access to sunshine and vistas, biophilic or natural features, ergonomic furniture, or wellness spaces for emotional support or time away, assure the proper focus on health.

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