Sunon Charity Foundation Donates over 10 million Yuan to Fight Novel Coronavirus

Charity Feb 13 2020

Given the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Sunon Charity Foundation acted quickly and in unity to fight against this disease. Leveraging its global network and rapid response platform, it donated 10 million Yuan in a week after the outbreak to support the current priorities of frontline health care workers in the battle against the coronavirus epidemic and supplied over 120, 000 face masks to help address a several shortage.


“Sunon as a company bears a social responsibility and we will do more to contain the spread of this epidemic,” said Zheng Mingzhi, Sunon Foundation's chairman, at the donation ceremony.

The public health emergency drove an explosive demand for medical supplies and buying surgical masks, protective goggles or others has become a challenge around the globe. To ease the growing shortage, Sunon's overseas team made a quick response and worked tirelessly reaching out to global channels. At the same time, our dealers around the world also made great attempts to help purchase qualified supplies.


“Some Sunon employees were looking for quality medical suppliers overseas during the past few days so as to ensure sustainable supply. Some foreign partners such as SPICA, GEAR IMPORACAO EXPORTACAO DE MATERIALSLTDA, and Hitec have also provided necessary assistance and offered help with the purchase of medical protective supplies. All of these are voluntary actions,” said Cindy, Managing Director of Sunon's International Business Center. She added that “Right now we are still trying our best to use every possible channel domestically and overseas and will purchase more medical supplies”.

Although tremendous efforts have been made to purchase medical supplies on a global scale, some were unable to be transported due to the policy. However, Sunon's team is not giving up and still racing to buy more available protective masks and suits.


As a leading office solution supplier, we are committed to achieving growth through sustainable practices and taking care of public health. Making a positive impact on society and creating a healthier and happier environment are two integral parts of our day-to-day work. Close collaboration with the government, global partners and civil society is Sunon's commitment to shoulder its social responsibility and continue its efforts to combat this emerging epidemic.


About the Sunon Charity Foundation

Sunon Charity Foundation is known for its work on philanthropy. To assist the needy students and seniors, it has launched a continuum of programs that foster the youth and the elderly. In 2018, the Foundation contributed 100 million Yuan to West Lake University to support educational practices.