2022 New Collection: Workplace Redefined

Events May 27 2022

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The pandemic demonstrated the importance of flexibility and engagement in the workplace. Creating a functional workplace entails bringing together all of the necessary parts and placing them where and how they make the most sense, both practically and visually. At Sunon, we design well-crafted office essentials that help keep you comfortable, alert, and organized.

We created an innovative, up-to-date collection that caters to the demands of an ever-changing workplace culture, ensuring that your company remains relevant far into the future. Our New Collection 2022 offers varied and distinctive design choices with a large product selection for all zones and areas of the office living environment.

Luxury Redefined: Tailor-made for the Leaders

Atlaes Executive Range

Created by the leading German design team of Form and Branch, Atlaes combines durability, luxury, comfort, and professionalism to make a statement in your private office. With the help of a built-in 3D gesture sensor, Atlaes executive table has an automatic lift span of 750 mm to 1140 mm. Clad in Nappa leather, Atlaes chair strikes a perfect balance between comfort and beauty, providing a pure and Luxurious design aesthetics. Atlaes file cabinet can be divided into six sections to keep your office space organized according to your own needs. Its embedded infrared ray-sensing light enhances the space, creating a warm and relaxing ambiance. 

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Ai 8 High-end Storage System

Our luxurious tailor-made presidential office system highlights the harmonious coexistence of doors, walls, and cabinets for executive offices, public spaces, and reception/lobby area. Shelf panels come in many variations. Upholstered or curved, you can always find the right look to fit into your surroundings. You can configure your space based on your current needs and reconfigure it when your needs evolve. 

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Privacy Redefined: For Focus time & Hybrid Collaboration

F6 III Sofa system

Our Flower 6 Modular Sofa got an upgrade. Be it a public space, an office lobby, semi-private discussion areas, learning spaces or hybrid meeting spaces, Flower 6 III aims to create an amiable atmosphere where ideas collide. With beautiful curves and modular units like rotating writing boards, tea tables, corner sofas, privacy screens, power modules, and footstools, the possibilities are endless for creating a customized versatile workspace.

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Verdure Panel System

4C Workspace – Concentration, Cooperation, Communication, and Consideration

Workspace divided based on 4C features does not create boundaries or limit creativity, but will fully stimulate the work potential. High-end acoustic material can reduce noise to provide a quiet environment for your focused work. Verdure is a fully customizable system designed for flexibility, collaboration, and privacy. 

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Comfort Redefined: Leading in Ergonomics

Winger III Task Chair

With refined and enhanced lumbar support, our upgraded Winger III office task chair now offers matchless comfort and ergonomic support to better correspond to the natural curve of the human lumbar vertebra. Detachable upholstery crafted with high-density foam padding is convenient to clean and replace while serving constant and reliable support to employees. Winger, the embodiment of both elegance and functionality.

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Model Office Chair

Our visually striking Model series is born to be unique, bold, and unconventional. The eye-catching slender base, pastel colors and minimalist design adds an artistic appeal to the surroundings and encourages people around to think outside the box. Designed for Agile and Hybrid workplaces, Model is lightweight, movable and offers multiple delightful colors, and can address the varied seating demands of meeting rooms, training rooms, and collaboration areas. 

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Workspace Redefined: Benching & Desks with Integrated Storage

Lido Benching System

So many choices. So many possibilities.
Our upgraded Lido benching system that combines the best features of our office systems and offers a holistic and customizable solution. It is truly versatile and adaptable, having 6 types of legs, 2 leg colors, 6 flexible screens, and 5 uni-body thin screen materials with over 20 shades and colors. Match various desktop colors with different screens, flexible storage and cabinets, power and wire management system, and conference tables, to create a uniform design aesthetic for your office. 


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I-Varna II Office system

I- VARNA is designed with efficiency in mind, to store files, documents, and office tools The desk, file cabinet, and back cabinet with different colors combine in a harmonious way to obtain a concise yet elegant appearance. Different combinations can be used to implement different team forms and versatile screens meet various space matching requirements of modern offices. I-VARNA conference table are also available in multiple desktop sizes to handle different conferencing needs.

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