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Events May 28 2024


From May 13 to 17, 2024, a group of over 50 experts from 16 countries gathered together in Hangzhou to attend the “2024 Sunon Camp” – “Empowering Growth” the training camp for the Sunon global dealer’s community. Sunon is actively committed to empowering its global dealers by organizing various training and exchange activities. Together, we strive for mutual improvement and better customer service.

The camp was unlocked with a cultural and team-building activity around the West Lake. Everyone engaged in fun challenges that blended Chinese culture with team interaction, filling the atmosphere with joy and laughter. This light-hearted start allowed everyone to experience the charm of China and the happiness of Hangzhou.


GHP_4164-opq832026270.jpegThroughout the event, excellent masters from Sunon International Business Division, Data Intelligence Operations Center, Brand Development Division , and Sunon R&D Center collaborated together to deliver comprehensive workshops of Sunon history and culture briefs, experience center, smart production base visits, CET software training, project solutions and also case studies. The training sessions were interactive, combining observation, learning, and hands-on practice to ensure every attendee gained valuable insights and skills.


Showroom Tour

GUI_5318-opq832694857.jpegFactory Tours: Sunon Haining and Qiantang Manufacturing Bases



Case Study Sharing


Ni Liangzheng, the Chairman of Sunon Group, presented the awards and expressed his desire for more face-to-face interactions with dealers. He emphasized the important role of international dealers in Sunon's global development, acknowledging their support and cooperation in achieving better results for Sunon despite current economic challenges.

This camp strengthened the bond between Sunon and its international dealers, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. Through immersive company culture experiences and professional skill development, attendees not only gained empowerment and improvement but also formed precious friendships. They expressed that the training was innovative and interesting, with content closely aligned to business needs, providing them with invaluable benefits. They will take these precious memories and acquired knowledge back to their countries. Looking ahead, Sunon will continue to enhance collaboration and exchanges with international dealers, driving brand development and shining even brighter on the global stage.


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