One Earth, One Future: Recycling Initiative by J.O.E Eco Alliance, JOS & Sunon

Notice Feb 21 2023

Singapore is a city-state known as the "Garden City" and in 2021, the Singaporean government released the Singapore Green Plan 2030 which centers around five main themes: A City in Nature, Sustainable Living, Energy Reset, Green Economy, and Resilient Future. The plan successfully balances the processes of Industry 4.0 with low-carbon, eco-friendly sustainability and takes a significant step towards the grand goal of a "net-zero carbon emission city in the world".One Earth, One Future_1.jpg

With this achievement, Singapore aims to become a leading global green finance center in the near future. The change has inspired innovation among Singaporean enterprises, promoting industrial transformation and the development of a green economy, and actively investing in the circular economy industry using resources and manpower.

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J.O.E Eco Alliance has been supporting Singapore's environmental education and practices, assisting the government in promoting sustainable and cyclical environmental development, and has become an important member of Singapore's Public Hygiene Council, The R.I.S.E. champions network

J.O.E Eco Alliance has not only promoted environmental protection on a social and operational level but also embedded the concept of environmental protection into its own industry, making its supply chain in the sustainable way.

JOS & Sunon, as a partner of J.O.E Eco Alliance and a member of the office furniture industry, adheres to its ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) development strategy and has been continuously optimizing and upgrading its green and environmentally friendly supply chain.

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JOS & Sunon uses eco-friendly materials, formaldehyde-free adhesives, and biodegradable packaging materials in product development and production. 

As the global economy begins to recover comprehensively in 2023, Singapore's major companies are actively upgrading or renovating offices. However, replacing of the old furniture with new ones, can lead to significant waste and environmental pollution.

It is heart-wrenching to see lots of furniture in good condition had been disposed; some of which even fairly new. Hence, JOS & Sunon and J.O.E Eco Alliance has determined to contribute to old furniture recycling.

In January 2023, under the guidance of J.O.E Eco Alliance, JOS & Sunon had launched its very first recycling project for old office furniture at the Great Eastern Singapore. 

We assessed the used furniture and classified them into A, B, and C categories. By various methods, we had given new lives to this recycled furniture and brought them back to daily life again such as donating to the low-income groups and resale to support charities.

The contribution in recycling and environmental protection by J.O.E Eco Alliance and JOS & Sunon had been highly recognized by Singapore government.

Mr. Edward, the chairman of Public Hygiene Council, and Ms. Gloria, the executive director of Public Hygiene Council visited JOS & Sunon’s showroom at 18 Robinson in Singapore, with the members of the R.I.S.E champions network on 16 Feb 2023. 11th quarterly conference of the R.I.S.E champions network was held successfully here.

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During the conference, representatives of J.O.E Eco Alliance shared with everyone the eco-campaigns we have carried out in cooperation with government, enterprises, communities and schools over the years. The attendees gained a more thorough understanding of the J.O.E Eco Alliance’s consistent environmental philosophy.

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JOS & Sunon’s ESG development strategy including the Forestation Plan, Green Factory, Formaldehyde-free Office and Old Furniture Recycling Project impressed everyone.

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Attendants experienced the various types of furniture designed with eco-friendly concept and praised Sunon's ingenious technological products.

Chairman Edward fully affirmed the efforts and contributions of the J.O.E Eco Alliance to Singapore's environmental protection in his speech. He called on all members to learn from J.O.E Eco Alliance on the valuable environmental experience and highly praised JOS & Sunon brand's action of recycling old office furniture and the spirit of taking on responsibility.

Mr. Phua Boon Huat, President of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), along with the executive director and other top leaders, will also visit JOS & Sunon brand’s showroom on February 28, 2023.

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They will unveil the report on recycling old furniture and discuss with J.O.E Eco Alliance on the cooperation in the old furniture recycling project, to establish a classification recycling base and a one-stop certification system for recycling.

Sustainable development goals represent a great ideal and ambition for a company, a nation and a country to bring about transformative change. Companies that place sustainable development at the core of their operational decision-making will be able to seize future opportunities. The J.O.E Eco Alliance is contributing its wisdom, solutions, and strengths to building a beautiful and clean Singapore through innovative ideas and pragmatic actions.

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